Kiran Gems has developed a well-balanced, effective and profitable product distribution strategy to serve clients from different parts of the world. Steered from its headquarters in Mumbai, the Group, now the largest manufacturer in the world, has a global reach that extends to Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Australia and the US, covering all the major diamond consuming markets, as well as the world’s most well-known brands and manufacturers of jewellery and watches.


Distribution Kiran Gems also has its own professional marketing teams and distribution channels spread across USA, Australia, Belgium and Far East.


Our online e-commerce portal delivers multiple advantages to our clients, ensuring that they can browse our large inventory as efficiently and easily as possible, and still providing every detail of each stone, as well as the opportunity to explore its physical characteristics almost as easily as if they were actually viewing it in our office. Moreover, this ‘store’ is open 24x7, is accessible anywhere in the world with stock being updated in real time.